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Hi, I'm Gemma!


I recently completed my final year of studying Computer Games Programming at Kingston University where I received a first class and won best undergraduate game.

I am particularly interested in the media industry and project management, especially the production side of things. All aspects of production interest me and some of the modules I took at university, such as 'Game and Media Creation Processes', 'Mulitimedia Authoring and Design', and 'User Experience Design Thinking' have taught me what's involved.

I have had customer service experience in various surroundings and situations and I can apply this experience and knowledge to many different circumstances. I have done plenty of volunteering work and enjoy enriching my life in different ways, such as travelling in Europe for 3 weeks and reading. This is also reflected in the fact that I took part in many extra-curricular activities at school and enjoyed doing them very much. I have shown throughout my previous jobs that I am a very responsible and punctual person who can show a range of skills when working, as well as someone who enjoys learning many new skills.

Some of my hobbies and interests outside of study and work include gaming, hiking, journaling, and reading fantasy novels.

Below are links to my LinkedIn profile and some of my games that you can try out!

You can also contact me via my email: 

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